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# Kit Numbers Earliest Known Ancestor
B10756, 45461
81059, 70330,
112631, 69676, 106246, 142078, 82751, 351665 359514

Isaac DuBosc and Suzanne Couillandeau, immigrants to South Carolina about 1680. This pedigree is a composite of several GEDCOM files uploaded to's Ancestry World Tree.  Most frequently quoted source is Dorothy K. MacDowell's DuBOSE GENEALOGY. The lineage chart is a consolidated chart of project participants who are probable descendants of Isaac. Those participants with lineages supported by primary documentation are colored green. Posted by Robert D. Griffith.


Born 1793-99, North or South Carolina. The earliest known documentation for Elias H. Duboise is 12 Jan 1827 when he receives a small land grant in Franklin Co., TN, close to the property of Stephen Duboise, son of Stephen Dubose of Darlington, SC. Federal Census records list his birthplace in both North and South Carolina. All evidence to date suggests that Elias is either son, grandson, or nephew of Stephen. Posted by Robert D. Griffith.

Elisha DuBOIS

Born 1775-1785, Cheraw District, South Carolina.
According to census records in 1810 Sumter Co., SC, and 1820 Montgomery Co., TN, Elisha was born in South Carolina no earlier than 1775 and no later than 1785. The earliest primary document dated March 14, 1827, is a recorded mortgage document in which Peter Hubbard of Montgomery Co, TN, loans Elisha Duboise a sum of $65.00 in return for a lien on 65 acres of land owned by Elisha in Hardeman Co, southwest TN, near northern border of MS. Posted by Bobby DuBois.

Peter DuBOIS

Born between 1785-90 in South Carolina; died about 1830 in Tennessee. Significant secondary and tertiary evidence suggests Peter was the son of William DuBose and grandson of Stephen DuBose Sr. of Darlington Co., SC. Details of this line are published in a paper by Janice Reeb:
Huguenot Society Submittal
Posted by Cathy Walker and Janice Reeb

Jacob H. DuBOSE

Born est. 1830 in SC; died 17 Feb 1865 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky. Strong secondary and anecdotal evidence suggests Jacob was the son of Amos and Mary Ann(Spignor) DuBose and grandson of Peter DuBose III. Posted by Robert DuBose.

Charles DuBOIS

Born abt. 1821 in Quebec, Canada, District of Prescott. town of Hawkesbury. Place of death or marriage information not known.

Chretien du Bois

From Mannheim Palatinate records: "Louis du Bois, son of the late Chrétien du Bois, resident of Wicres [France] in the vicinity of La Bassee, of the first part, and Catharine Blanchan, daughter of Mathieu Blanchan, bourgeous of Mannheim, of the second part, were married at the French church of Mannheim, the 10th of October 1665."

Fabris Fatior DuBois

According to marriage and other certificates from Salins (Salins-Les-Baines), France, Fabris Fatior DuBois was the grandfather of Jean Alexis DuBois, born ca 1800, died in 1867 and buried in the Mount Hope Cemetery, Perryville, MO. Contact:

Jacob DeBusk

Born circa 1734, Jacob DeBusk <of> Washington Co., VA is believed to be the grandfather of Isaac DeBusk, proven ancestor of Kit N34061.



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