Policies and Terms

We Respect Your Privacy Rights . . .

The DuBose-DuBois Y-DNA Surname Project takes all reasonable efforts to keep your specific data private, but at the same time, make enough general information public that allows other genealogical researchers to identify possible family connections. We do not collect or compile ANY personal data from those who visit our web site. The DuBose-DuBois Y-DNA Surname Project does not rent, sell, or share personal information about you with other people or companies unless you have explicitly asked us to do so. When, and only when we have your permission do we provide contact information about you, and then only under the following circumstances:

The Privacy of Our Project Participants . . .

When a male is tested through our project we refer to him as a participant. If his test does not produce a match to at least one other participant within a few alleles, neither he nor we know as a fact that he has a confirmed relationship to anyone else in the project. There is a possibility that he may not even be a DuBose or DuBois by any spelling. He could have been adopted, and illegitimacy is a historical reality. To preserve the privacy and dignity of our participants, we only display their Y-DNA information under their respective kit numbers. Family lineage and contact information is provided only for those participants who have provided explicit permission to display such information by signing an information release form.

When we do find a match and participants have not submitted a release form, attempts are made to reach the two participants independently and determine whether or not contact with the other party is desired. On receipt of email confirmation that contact is desired, the project administrator will provide appropriate contact information. When we do introduce participants to each other, they will decide whether or not to communicate. Most people join the project in hopes of extending their family connections and eagerly communicate with anyone that might be connected. The DuBose-DuBois Y-DNA Surname Project bears no responsibility for information that may be distributed by participants.

Participants decide what information they wish us to put on the site. Our project does not endorse the validity of information on family lines; all researchers wishing to use this information should confirm it themselves through independent research. Visitors to the project web site (whether they are participants or not) will find a variety of information about our diverse DuB... lines. In most cases, only information from project participants will be included on the project website. The project administrator may arbitrarily choose to include or refuse any submitted information.

MT-DNA and Family Finder Participants

The DuBose-DuBois Y-DNA Surname Project exists primarily to support research of paternal DuBose-DuBois lineages. However, a number of individuals have joined the project who are related maternally to these lines. Support of these records is limited to providing access from this website to MT-DNA and other results tables as published by FTDNA.

Other Participants

At the discretion of the Project Administrator, individuals who tested with other labs may be added manually to our project databases. To be considered for addition, potential participants must submit a completed release form and family lineage.

Submit queries to admin@dubodna.org

Support policies

This website is created and maintained as a voluntary effort and at the sole expense of the Project Administrator. All reasonable attempts are made to publish accurate information and correct errors as they may occur. We attempt to respond promptly to queries and requests of participants in interested parties.

The Project Administrator, at his sole discretion, may or may not choose to continue maintaining this site.