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Welcome to the DuBose-DuBois Y-DNA Surname Project!

DUBOSE, DUBOIS, DUBOISE, DUBOICE, DUBOYS, DUBOSC, DUBUSK, and other surname variants are welcome to join this Y-DNA paternal project. Many people with these surnames descend from Isaac DuBosc and Suzanne Couillandeau, French Huguenot refugees who settled on the Santee River in South Carolina in the 1680s...or from sons of Chretien and Cornelia DuBois, also Huguenots who emigrated to America in 1660 and settled in New York. Some researchers have suggested that these families share a common ancestor. Surnames included in the project include: DuBose, DuBois, Duboise, Duboice, DuBosc, Dubusk, Duboys, and other close variants.

For the results to be meaningful, participants will need to share their direct male line ancestry back to the earliest known DUBOSE/etc., either in the form of a pedigree chart, family group sheets, or electronic GEDCOM files.  Living persons should be excluded from the documentation.

Our surname project is registered at Family Tree DNA. Most of your questions concerning DNA testing for genealogy purposes can be answered at that site or by contacting one of the project administrators.

A Huguenot Heritage

sample imageMany participants in our our project trace their heritage to a Huguenot past in Northern Europe.

Although we have several haplogroups represented in our project, the majority of our participants are Haplogroup R. This Haplogroup are direct descendants of Cro-Magnon and arose in Western Europe about 30,000 years ago.

More Information

If you have further questions about our project, contact:

John C. Griffith
DuBose-DuBois Project Administrator